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Reigate, Fitts Village, St. James.

Reigate, Fitts Village, St. James.

Location: Fitts Villages, St. James
3 Bedrooms,  2 Bathrooms

-Air-conditioned bedrooms  
-Near Golf Course  
-Near Shopping  

Land Area: 9,300 sq.ft. Floor Area: 1,800 sq.ft.

Sale Price: 
2,000,000.00 USD

Property Description

Reigate, Fitts Village, St. James, Barbados  Reigate is nestled upon a quiet, beautiful white sandy beach on the west coast of the island.  This secluded location is an area called Fitts Village, St. James.  Reigate has an amazing view from patio and deck overlooking the crystal clear turquoise Caribbean Sea.  This beachfront single storey villa offers three bedrooms, two bathrooms and sits on approximately 9,300 sq.ft. of land with a floor area of approximately 1800 sq.ft. The standalone villa offers a great opportunity as a holiday home and a income generating property.  Viewings by appointment.  Floor Area: 1,800 sq.ft. Land Area: 9,300 sq.ft. Asking Price: US$1,850,000.00

Property Details

Three Bedroom Beachfront Property in St. James, Barbados

  .  Air-conditioned bedrooms
  .  Beachfront
  .  Near Golf Course
  .  Near Shopping

Land Area:           9,300 sq.ft.
Floor Area:           1,800 sq.ft.

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